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About Our Campaign

For those who experience homelessness, the impacts of enclothed cognition can be profound. In India, homelessness is often accompanied with lack of safe and dignified clothing, especially for those living on the streets in urban areas. Homeless population are vulnerable to harsh weather conditions and are at high risk due to lack of unsafe clothing. It is to address these challenges in obtaining safe and clean clothes, that the campaign ‘Hiranya-wear one, clothe one’ came into being. With every purchase of a product from the brand, a homelessperson is provided a set of clothes.

Hiranya collaborates with people and institutions who are working with homeless clusters and people living on streets. We work together in identifying recipient communities’ clothing needs and use the proceeds from thesale of Hiranya products in providing clothing for them. 

The increased self-esteem that flows from wearing clean and comfortable clothes can also help to open the doors to employment and housing opportunities. Every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and at Hiranya our mission is to help the most vulnerable among us to regain their dignity.