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Our Partners


Grace Children Care

Grace Children’s Care Organization has an outreach programme involved with those who are abandoned, orphaned, unloved or uncared.  These children are at constant risk of being economically and sexually exploited. The organizations was founded on the basis of rescuing these children from their dangerous, at-risk situations and assist them through their predicament to enable them to live a life filled with expectation, wherein their God-given talents can be recognised and utilised.

​The organization raises these orphan children in ‘homes’ wherein they have a ‘family’ environment with local foster mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters. The personal care imparted to these children is as if they are their own, giving a sense of ‘belonging’ to a stable loving family.

The children’s psychological, social, educational and spiritual requirements are provided by their new foster parents who understand their language and culture. We ensure that each child under our care is given the opportunity to education in schools and, on completion, in universities or vocational training as per his/her aptitude.

Contact N. K. Gurung @ +91 7407090675




WHO CARES is an unaided non-governmental organization started by Mr. Aron Yonzone in 2012. Since its foundation the organization has been working tirelessly on social issues. Its members come from all walks of life. Despite having different social, religious and economic backgrounds the one thing that unites the members is to "be an inspiration" in serving the humanity. WHO CARES on its journey of serving humanity has come across many street dwellers, majority of whom are elders. With a dream of leading them from street to shelter we are running an old age home since June 2019. Despite the lack of any government support and numerous day to day problem we have been able to bring smile on the face of some of these abandoned elders. Some of our work includes-
1- Looking after abandoned elders.
2- feeding the hungry on street.
3- Cleaning cutting and shaving hair for street dwellers.
4- Providing clothes and blankets to street dwellers.
5- Conducting last rites of unclaimed dead bodies from different places and hospitals.
6- Providing necessary help to the poor people in the hospital.
7- Organizing fund raising events for the medical treatment of poor people.
8- Organizing different social, environmental and musical events.
9- Helping people who have become the victims of domestic violence.
10- Providing relief materials for the people during natural calamities like earthquake, landslide, flood etc.

11- Providing assistance to the local authorities in organizing various legal and social events.
12- Organizing defferent career counselling and educational programme for the youths.
13- Working against human trafficking and helping lost people to reunite twith their families.

Contact Aron Yonzone @ +91 9735023024